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Industries Served

Wireless Consumer Electronics

Wireless and consumer electronics retailers face a high threat of retail theft. With an inventory that is both valuable and small, it’s easy to see why it is targeted for high levels of theft and organized retail crime. But you don’t have to sit back and let that happen.

Big Box / Multi-Category Stores

You need solutions that can maximize sales and minimize shrink across thousands of varied products. The products inside your store may also be in a variety of settings, including open sell inventory, live customer displays, and locked inventory. Different layouts and setups require different solutions.


DIY / Hardware Stores

Hardware stores need rugged security solutions to protect their rugged inventory. At Sennco Solutions, we have you covered. These high-ticket items can be better protected with our open-shelf security products. You don’t need to compromise the customer experience to reduce theft. In many cases, you can even enhance the customer experience.


Grocery / Drug Stores

Grocery stores and drug stores carry a variety of inventory that is popularly targeted for theft. Managers need a variety of technological solutions in order to best protect their product and their livelihood. Sennco Solutions regularly partners with these stores to help them protect their inventory while providing their customers with an optimal in-store experience.


Store Design / Fixture Design / Tradeshow

Trade show and store fixture design preparations happen on a fast schedule. You need a security partner who can deliver on time, every time. With more than 20 years helping businesses in the trade show vertical, Sennco Solutions has the anti-theft devices and software that you’re looking for.