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Genesis ™

Stronger Retail Security That Leads to an Enhanced Customer Experience

The Genesis Wireless Security System with data analytics allows customers to fully experience electronics in the retail environment without the added obstruction of restrictive store security measures. Customers are able to hold untethered devices, fit them in their pockets, and even walk around, because the feel of a phone is as important as the technology it offers.

The Genesis Wireless Security System uses a proximity technique based on multiple wireless frequencies and antennas to measure distance from the display, and corresponding security devices. Your customers have more freedom to try out the product in your store, and you’ll receive real-time theft alerts.

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Fully Customizable Retail Security

Genesis puts the power in the retailer’s hands to protect their store inventory from theft. It allows each individual retailer to create a unique experience for their customers and store personnel by setting their own protocols. Best of all, it requires very little attention from your store personnel. It only requires an associate response in the case of theft.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Genesis system:

  • Device interaction data allows you to discover your most popular items.
  • It operates with no-touch system management.
  • Associate can easily pinpoint the location of the alarm.

Electronics Store Security Just Became Easier

Genesis operates on cloud connectivity to securely track your store inventory. The powerful list of features enables retailers to enhance the customer experience while protecting their inventory using the latest technologies available.

Here are a few of the Genesis Wireless Security System product features:

  • Audible or silent alarms
  • An 80 percent reduction in noisy alarms that impact customer experience
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Secure perimeter at fixture or entry/exit points
  • System automatically recovers in the event of a power loss or breach
  • Full suite of interaction data available
  • Remote firmware updates
  • System health reporting

Keep Your Inventory Safe and Your Customers Happy

Genesis Wireless Security System allows for an enhanced shopping experience, while simultaneously protecting the retailer’s inventory. Modern technology guards the perimeter of the store while giving customers the freedom to experience the product while shopping.

You can keep your inventory safe and your customers happy at the same time. Contact Us to find out more.