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The Stage™ & The Stage™ Bar

Let Your Customers Experience the Product

The Stage™ provides a platform for your customers to fully engage and interact with each fragrance tester while ensuring the security of your valuable and vulnerable merchandise.

The Stage™ Bar provides a platform to position multiple fragrance brands for your customers to fully engage and interact with each fragrance tester while ensuring the security of your valuable and vulnerable merchandise


The Sennco Stage Tester offers customers the ability to experience a test product while providing added security at the same time. This is a valuable combination for retailers across several categories.

Our proprietary security solution helps provide a high level of interactive customer experience and enhanced security at the same time. We offer customized solutions that are ideal for single or multiple tester displays.

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The Stage Tester is Ideal Across Multiple Retail Sectors

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if customers are experiencing your product on the shelf, it deserves to be protected. Below are some of the common sectors for the Stage Tester:

  • Fragrance
  • Cosmetics
  • Accessories
  • Electronic Accessories
  • Health and Beauty
  • Tools

Optimize Your Product Merchandise

With the Sennco Stage Tester, you’ll be able to maintain an open and interactive consumer experience. You can keep your displays organized and clean. The Tester can be used in compliance with all corporate planograms and displays, allowing you to keep a uniform look and feel to the display.

Strengthen Store Security While Increasing Sales

Testing inventory is an important aspect of sales, but it is at a greater risk for theft, because the packaging is already removed. The Stage Tester serves as another resource for protecting this valuable inventory, while still allowing customers access to the product. Because of its durable nature, this is a long-lasting security solution that will protect your product for a long time to come.

Your customers still receive direct access to the end product to make the determination if it is right for them. It also allows for easy to expand positioning, so that you can expand your number of test products during busy seasonal sales periods.

With Flexible Options, Choose the Stage Tester Solution that Is Right for You

Sennco Solutions makes the Stage Tester to fit into your custom retail environment. We offer several options so that you are sure to have the solution that fits your needs. Below are some of the customization options that we offer:

  • Multiple stage colors
  • Various mounting options
  • Optional marketing and branding
  • Cable customizations

Order the Stage Tester for Your Store

When customers have the ability to see and feel your product, they’re more likely to buy. With the Sennco Solutions Stage Tester, you are able to give that level of freedom to your customers, while still protecting your testing inventory. To find out if the Stage Tester is right for your store, and what customizations are best for you, Contact Us today!