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Our Team


Chris has served the retail security industry for over 30 years in various roles. Over the last 20 years as president of Sennco, he has been the visionary committed to implementing change within the retail industry. Chris is listed as inventor or co-inventor on over 15 patents. He has helped implement thousands of custom solutions to retailers and OEM’s over his tenure.

Chris’s passion is for the Sennco team to be an extension of those they serve.


Brian is an accomplished leader and forward thinking innovator with over 23 years of progressive experience in Loss Prevention, Asset Protection and Physical Security. Prior to Sennco Solutions Brian was Director, Asset Protection – US Operations for Rent-A-Center. Brian has been one of the creative leaders for some of the most groundbreaking security technology to equip retailers.


Michael joined Sennco with 30+ years finance and accounting experience with manufacturing and assembly companies.  While leading the accounting team he strives to ensure everything runs smoothly and in a timely manner.  He enjoys Sennco’s philosophy of open communication keeping all departments informed and involved in day-to day operations.

Michael holds a BS in Accounting from Millikin University and an MBA in Finance from DePaul University. 



Steve has 30+ years’ experience architecting and developing high quality software and embedded firmware in wireless power, retail security, PC-based, mobile and cloud-based products for the industrial, automotive and retail industries. Steve has led teams of various sizes and expertise’s for more than 20 years and is listed as co-inventor on several Sennco patents.

Steve’s motivation in product development derives partly from the challenge to create cutting-edge products that fulfill the custom needs of each customer, but mostly from a simple passion to serve others.



Gordon has 30+ years of experience in developing, managing, and leading software solutions for small to major industry companies.   Some of those industries include Asset Protection, Automotive, Distribution, Financial, Legal, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Transportation Logistics.  

Currently, under the direction of the Director of Engineering, Gordon manages the software team within Sennco and works closely with the Sales Department and our customers to deliver industry leading software and hardware integrated Asset Protection solutions.

 Gordon holds a BS is Computer Information Systems and a MS in Management Information Systems. 


Frank is a seasoned supply chain professional with 30 plus years’ experience in manufacturing, transportation, and planning roles with deep experience in inventory and distribution planning. He enjoys building high performing teams and continuous improvement.   Prior to coming to Sennco Frank was a supply chain director in the QSR industry and has had extensive experience in the consumer goods supply chain space. He began his supply chain career as a logistics officer in the Marine Corps. 

Frank has a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University and a Master of Business from Webster University.


As Sennco’s very first team member, Dan has been engineering retail security solutions for all 20 years of Sennco’s existence. His expertise is engineering innovation, specializing in customer problem solving. Listening to the customer’s unique requirements and exceeding their expectations is where Dan thrives. His experience in the industry allows him to design and prototype solutions rapidly, which allows Sennco to deliver solutions in very tight timelines. Dan’s wealth of industry knowledge, design expertise, and nimble strategies make Dan a valuable asset to Sennco and Sennco’s customers.


Alexandra has served Sennco’s key customers for the past four years. Alexandra is passionate about being a valuable resource to her customers by building a genuine relationship and providing creative solutions to complex challenges. Alex has an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence which is displayed in the major projects her customers have deployed.

Prior to her time at Sennco, Alex graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration & Communications. She led Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Volleyball team to the NCAA Division II National Championship as a captain in 2015. Her leadership qualities and team-player mentality deems her a valuable asset to the Sennco team.


David (bilingual) manages Senncos international partner network and customers that spans over 10 countries. He ensures our partners are well informed on our latest products and solutions. David enjoys collaborating with team members to fulfill customers’ needs for their opportunities.

Prior to joining Sennco, David worked as an Audit Associate at a global professional services firm. David holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and Accounting from Aurora University and a Master of Accounting Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Ray has been in the wireless retail industry for over 23 years. Ray started his journey in retail sales for Bell South Mobility and then transitioned to the B2B channel handling large corporate and government accounts. From there, Ray became an Owner/Operator and learned the details of operation of wireless retail for 13 years. After 13 years, Ray moved on and focused on operational development and its impacts on a store’s bottom line as a Field Operations Manager. In this role, Ray developed a training program to groom location Managers. Ray ended up working at the largest AT&T dealer in the capacity of an Asset Protection Regional Manager before coming to Sennco.


In her 5 years at Sennco, Madeline has added value in various roles and various departments. She recently found her niche as a Project Coordinator, where she anticipates customers’ needs and provides the best customer experience – not only for direct customers but also for the end-users of our products.

Madeline has overseen rollouts and program execution in some of the nation’s largest retailers. Madeline understands that Sennco’s products are only as good as the instore implementation and execution. She thrives when working with retailers, and brainstorming how she can provide their customers with the best experience, while also keeping their store employees and products safe. At the end of the day, helping people is Madeline’s passion.


To Ryan, the Project Coordinator role is all about keeping the team informed and following through on execution. At Sennco, Ryan works with customers as well as every facet of the Sennco team to coordinate everything from new product rollouts to recurring orders.

Prior to his time as a Project Coordinator, he worked in multiple roles at Sennco starting in Inventory moving to Shipping, and then to Engineering. The gained experience from each of these roles has allowed Ryan to fully understand what the Sennco team is capable of; allowing him to better address the needs of our customers.