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We built our business the same way we build all of our solutions: from the ground up.

Our Christian based company has gained a loyal following of satisfied customers by going beyond off-the-shelf retail security products. Each of our industry-leading retail security solutions are designed specifically for your needs, so you can maximize both efficiency and convenience.

Our goal isn’t just to do it all ourselves. We listen to your ideas and retail marketing goals to fully represent you and your priorities.

Our engineering and manufacturing operations are fully equipped for flexibility and speed, so we can develop and deliver your custom solutions in a timely fashion.

Through our relationships with vendors, fixture houses, LP Directors, and Project Managers, we have combined resources that enable us to build the perfect solutions. We strive to not only maximize security for your display products, but also improve your sales with functional, attractive devices that don’t distract from the appeal of the product.

Because of our unique approach to your security solutions, we think of ourselves as both security-providers and marketers. We build our solutions so your customers can fully experience your product and you can gain peace of mind regarding the safety of your products.


Sennco Solutions will be the global leader of innovative asset protection products and solutions.


Building a great company, with great people, and great results. 


To honor God… by serving our customers, suppliers and team members with integrity, character and devotion.

Manufacturing Excellence

We pride ourselves on being able to meet and exceed industry standards of manufacturing by incorporating innovation and design in every one of our product lines.

Since day one, the majority of our product line has been manufactured and assembled in the U.S. under strict quality control.

We take great pride in keeping our country, and its people, moving forward. We have always done our very best to provide hard working Americans an opportunity to be a part of our team…and we vow to continue to make the highest quality products in the industry.