BricTECH Software Technology

Proven Technology

  • Self-healing technology
  • 20,000+ global customers in every vertical market
  • Persistence® embedded in 1 billion+ endpoints
  • Embedded in firmware at the factories of 28 global PC and mobile device manufacturers


  • Power Loss Lock
  • Geofence Lock
    • Customizable lock screen
    • Audible alarm for Android
    • GPS/Asset Management and alerts
  • Investigative Services


  • Visibility to IP address
  • Visibility to a phone # (SIM)
  • BricTECH App


  • Visibility to software compliance
  • Remote updates


Customer Experience



Display Visibility

Launch Compliance

Software Compliance

Demo App Compliance

Investigative Services

Device Tracking and Interrogation

BricTECH Protection

Ultimate Customer Experience

• No security hardware needed – BricTECH can be added on any demo device regardless of hardware
• Encourage optimal consumer interaction
• Allow the device to be the center of attention and the star of the display

Power Loss Lock

• Power Loss Lock feature will lock a device when power loss is detected
– Lock is persistent and will remain locked through factory reset or device wipe

• Active and passive deterrence
• Customizable lock screen and lock timing (example: 10 second lock delay)
• Audible alarm is available for Android devices
• Create internal and external awareness
• Power Loss Lock is not dependent on WIFI/connectivity

Geofence Lock

• Geofence feature will lock a device when a device moves outside of a predefined area
– Sennco monitors and locks devices that break a Geofence
• Customizable lock screen and lock timing
• Customizable alerts to store personnel
• Audible alarm is available for Android devices




BricTECH Visibilty

Display Visibility

• Monitor product launches
• Monitor models on display
• Report compliance
• Identify non-compliant locations

Software Compliance

• Confirm retail demo software compliance
• Manage app compliance
• Identify non-compliant devices
• Remotely push updates to all devices



BricTECH Investigative Services Partner

Absolute has been investigating and helping to solve device and computer crime since 1993. Supported by Persistence® technology and the Absolute Forensic Tool set, the Absolute investigations team has been instrumental in solving thousands of crimes around the world.




• 43,000+ recoveries in 114 countries
• $43M+ worth of assets recovered
• Work with 7,700+ Law Enforcement Agencies Globally

Investigative Services

• Theft Response Services – In addition to Theft recovery services, an investigations team can be engaged for unique scenarios that may or may not require police involvement.
• Special Investigative Services – Burglaries, Robberies, ORC or Internal thefts.
• Integrity Testing – Used to identify and remove criminal elements within the employee base.
• Reporting – Investigation Summary Report will be provided at the conclusion of each week.

Certifications & Memberships

• CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security
• CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor
• CISM – Certified Information Security Manager
• CPP – Certified Protection Professional
• CSPO – Certified Scum Product Owner
• EU GDPR F – Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation
• ACFE – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners