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No Matter Your Marketing or Security needs,

We Have You Covered.

A comprehensive suite of dynamic software solutions, BricTECH is designed to revolutionize retail operations and device management.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with existing hardware solutions, providing an added level of security. BricTECH continues to expand its functionality to cater to diverse business needs.

 Whether you’re looking to combat theft, enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, or optimize device management, (or all of the above!) BricTECH has you covered.

The Complete Suite of Software for Phone Retailers.

BricTECH Liquid Signage:

Say goodbye to paper price tags and hello to real-time sales and information delivery directly to your products.

Enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency with captivating digital displays.

BricTECH Live Display:

Enjoy seamless interactions for customers and streamlined operations for employees, all while ensuring security with cutting-edge locking technology.

BricTECH Device Finance:

Simplify lease and rental operations, whether in virtual or brick-and-mortar settings.

Empower your business with tailored solutions to mitigate losses and enhance efficiency, increasing profitability in today’s dynamic market.

BricTECH Device Management:

Efficiently manage company-owned devices issued to employees with tailored profiles and varying levels of security.

From device locking to remote wiping, BricTECH DM provides comprehensive control and peace of mind.

And More!

Reach out to the BricTECH team for additional information and customized solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

    Security on All Fronts

    BricTECH security software goes beyond in-store theft deterrence. The software takes a comprehensive anti-theft approach both in and out of the store.

    Below are some of the BricTECH capabilities:

    • Retail Display Protection
    • Interruption of Re-sale Activity
    • Investigation of Burglary or Robbery Events
    • Remote Application Controls
    • Supply Chain Interruption Events

    In the event of retail theft, it provides further resources to recover loss. Some of these resources include:

    • Device Locking and Tracking
    • Easy Upload into BricTECH Manager
    • Retailer Decides Whether to Involve Authorities


    Improving the In-Store Experience

    In-store customers have the ability to explore a phone’s features and capabilities, making the shopping experience easier. The software limits device capabilities and protects it from theft at the same time. Below are some of the in-store features of BricTECH:

    • Custom Lock Screen
    • An Optional Audio Alarm
    • Power Loss Lock

    There is a zero-touch deployment and device demo integration for easy in-store software implementation. Compliance reporting is also available.

    Enhance Your In-Store Security Right Now

    Whether you are supplementing your current security or looking to get started, BricTECH offers powerful options that will keep you feeling comfortable about the safety of your inventory. You set up the custom security measures and the software will do the rest. Give your customers the ability to shop the store while you keep your peace of mind.

    If you are looking to get started with in-store security, contact us today!