At the surface, BricTECH™ is a software that deters thieves from stealing devices. It is also so much more than that. BricTECH™ prevents thieves from getting use out of stolen devices. Being a self-healing technology, this software has what we call Persistence®, making it virtually impossible to remove or get around the software. So what does it DO? Keep reading to find out.


Customer Experience


Investigative Services

Device Tracking and Interrogation

Display Visibility

Launch Compliance

Software Compliance

Demo App Compliance

BricTECH™ Protection

Ultimate Customer Experience

• No security hardware needed – BricTECH™ can be added on any demo device regardless of hardware
• Encourage optimal consumer interaction
• Allow the device to be the center of attention and the star of the display

Power Loss Lock

• Power Loss Lock feature will lock a device when power loss is detected
– Lock is persistent and will remain locked through factory reset or device wipe

• Active and passive deterrence
• Customizable lock screen and lock timing (example: 10 second lock delay)
• Audible alarm is available for Android devices
• Create internal and external awareness
• Power Loss Lock is not dependent on WIFI/connectivity

Geofence Lock

• Geofence feature will lock a device when a device moves outside of a predefined area
– Sennco monitors and locks devices that break a Geofence
• Customizable lock screen and lock timing
• Customizable alerts to store personnel
• Audible alarm is available for Android devices

BricTECH™ Visibilty

Display Visibility

• Monitor product launches
• Monitor models on display
• Report compliance
• Identify non-compliant locations

Software Compliance

• Confirm retail demo software compliance
• Manage app compliance
• Identify non-compliant devices
• Remotely push updates to all devices

BricTECH™ Investigative Services Partner

Absolute has been investigating and helping to solve device and computer crime since 1993. Supported by Persistence® technology and the Absolute Forensic Tool set, the Absolute investigations team has been instrumental in solving thousands of crimes around the world. With 43,000+ recoveries in 114 countries, $43M+ worth of assets recovered and 7,700+ Law Enforcement Agencies Globally, we are confident that these are the best investigative services retail security has seen.

Investigative Services

• Theft Response Services – In addition to Theft recovery services, an investigations team can be engaged for unique scenarios that may or may not require police involvement.
• Special Investigative Services – Burglaries, Robberies, ORC or Internal thefts.
• Integrity Testing – Used to identify and remove criminal elements within the employee base.
• Reporting – Investigation Summary Report will be provided at the conclusion of each week.

Certifications & Memberships

• CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security
• CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor
• CISM – Certified Information Security Manager
• CPP – Certified Protection Professional
• CSPO – Certified Scum Product Owner
• EU GDPR F – Certified EU General Data Protection Regulation Foundation
• ACFE – Association of Certified Fraud Examiners