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Visibility with action to the vulnerable areas of a retail store that are traditionally undetected

ViziTECH is designed to be simple, intuitive, and reliable in a retail environment.

ViziTECH offers a suite of monitoring options including Call Buttons (with multiple paging and response options), Team Member Pocket Buttons, Receiving Doorbells, Door Sensors (entrance doors, cabinet doors, locking showcase doors), Safe Sensors, Swing Gate and Swing Gate mini Sensors, and other integrations. When an event is triggered, ViziTECH provides optional and customized notifications via local audio, PA audio, Zebra notifications, text or email alerts, CCTV integration and silent alerts to local authorities.


  • ViziTECH only requires one single access to network connectivity
  • The ViziTECH Controller supports an unlimited number of wireless battery-powered Sensors

Security on All Fronts


  • ViziTECH can be expanded into a whole ecosystem giving you maximum visibility and reliability in your environment.


The ROI Possibilities

  • ViziTECH Call Button can send a local alert, PA announcement, and/or a Zebra notification specific to each Call Button. If a product is locked up and not accessible to a shopper, this low-cost feature is a tool to recapture lost sales without modifying the current infrastructure or sales strategy.
  • ViziTECH will notify you if a door is opened without authority (or broken into). This gives the store more time to implement their protocol for a theft event. Or it notifies the team members to stay away from a potentially dangerous situation, which could be the most significant ROI.
  • ViziTECH will notify you if a door is left open and the merchandise inside is no longer protected.
  • ViziTECH can be integrated with current assets such as PA systems, handheld devices, CCTVs, PVM’s, or other cameras.
  • ViziTECH provides an additional layer of accountability for store associates. Each key can be assigned to an associate for visibility. This can help eliminate internal theft.