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Heavy Duty Lockdown

Are you displaying the new Apple iPhone models or Apple Watch models? We still have you covered with the HD Lockdown!

For the iPhone Pro, you will need our iPhone Pro Top Bracket. The other models fit the standard HD Lockdown. 

To get your iPhone Pro Top Bracket, reach out to us at sales@sennco.com or go to shopsennco.com

Enhance Your Store Security Without Alienating Your Customers

The Heavy Duty Lockdown from Sennco Solutions allows customers to experience your product in high theft environments without being able to remove it from the shelf. The heat-treated steel brackets provide the durability and strength to protect your inventory. Innovative mechanics on the Lockdown allow customers to be able to view smartphones and tablets from either a portrait or landscape orientation.

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NEW – HDLD for Cameras Patent Pending

The Benefits of Lockdown Protection

The Heavy Duty Lockdown presents several benefits for retailers and their customers. Below are some of the reasons it may make sense to install:

  • Allows full access to device screens for customer interactions, while safely protecting them from theft
  • Eliminates violent grab-and-run events
  • Able to withstand over 4,000 pounds of strike force
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Ease of use locking for associate-assisted sales and nighttime lockup
  • Center space allows for standard OEM charging cable for power source
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Maintaining Customer Convenience

The retailer maintains the satisfaction of keeping its inventory safe with the Heavy Duty Lockdown while giving the customer an optimal shopping experience. The display is being used with smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.

Store representatives may still remove the device from the display for the customer to fully experience it at their discretion.


The Heavy Duty Lockdown for Smartphones was designed to provide a high level of security for your retail display without compromising customer experience. The sleek but sturdy design is adjustable to protect current mobile phones, including all current Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG phones.

  • Modular brackets – One post, many options, uniform display
  • Easily switch phones for new sales
  • Keyless locking design

Create a Secure Environment

You can maintain store security while creating an optimal experience for your customers. The Heavy Duty Lockdown from Sennco Solutions creates an easy option for retailers to take advantage of both worlds. If you’d like to know more, or incorporate the Heavy Duty Lockdown display from Sennco Solutions in your store, fill out our form today!


    The Heavy Duty Lockdown lineup provides one consistent look and feel for your live displays. Display your tablets without fear of losing precious merchandise.

    • Adjustable to fit current tablet models
    • Heat-treated steel – which means it’s tough
    • Let your customers experience your top-selling devices


    The Heavy Duty Lockdown Rotatable does just what the name says. Now you can show demo displays in landscape or portrait without losing any of the strength and modularity (yep it’s a word) of the original Heavy Duty Lockdown.



    The Heavy Duty Lockdown for Wearables comes at the perfect time when they are hotter than ever! Start incorporating your wearables in your live displays knowing they are protected by the hardened steel of the Heavy Duty Lockdown. Currently fits Apple Watch Series 3 through the current model, and Samsung Galaxy Active.


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    Tried & True

    Looking for Heavy Duty Lockdown solutions for the HomePod Mini, Apple Folio or Apple Magic Keyboard?