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Swing Gate Series ™

An Anti-Theft Device that Doesn’t Impede the Shopping Experience

If you’re in an industry targeted by retail organized crime or other forms of consistent theft, you need a way to reduce product loss without a disruption to the sales process.

The Swing Gate (patent pending) from Sennco Solutions creates a strong visual deterrent against theft. At the same time, you are able to maintain the previous level of sales through optimal product accessibility.

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“Overall, Store A saw a substantial 95.5% decrease in loss during the Swing Gate trial…  Therefore, the loss reduction for Store A (where the Swing Gate was installed) was 72.4% and 86.1% greater compared to the “unlocked” and “locked” control stores, respectively.”

Is the Swing Gate Right for My Business?

The swing gate is an ideal solution if your retail business sells:

  • Products that are difficult to track once they are stolen
  • Products that have a high re-sell value
  • Products that are easy to turn around in a non-retail environment for easy cash
  • Do you use Zebra devices in your store? Click HERE to see the Swing Gate integrated with Zebra alerts

The Customer Maintains Accessibility

The swing gate requires the customer to use two hands to access the product. Other than that, the shopping experience is no different than normal. All merchandise still remains accessible to the customer without the assistance of the sales associate – allowing you to maintain open sales.

At the same time, the swing gate offers added protection to the store. It exponentially decreases the likelihood of retail theft by creating a visual deterrent to potential shoplifters and makes it difficult to quickly access large amounts of product at once.

Ease of Use

The swing gate is surprisingly easy to use. There are soft close hinges to enhance the customer experience and offer added durability. There are back and side panels to deter theft on all sides of an open shelving plan. It’s also easy to install for maximum convenience.

There are localized sensors to notify employees when customers are shopping in the department. Audible notifications, email, and SMS notifications are all optional. There are closed-circuit television options also available, with the ability to go back and track data.

You have the ability to CUSTOMIZE the Swing Gate to best fit your enviornment: