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Big Box / Multi-Category Stores

Retail Security Solutions for Big Box Stores

Big box stores need to place their focus on creating an optimal one-stop shopping experience for customers in a brick and mortar environment. They have to be adept at offering product in several verticals including groceries, hardware, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

The theft protection technology that they use should be easy to use, and help them to make decisions that optimize the customer experience as well. At Sennco Solutions, we help big box retailers with theft prevention technology designed to help them improve customer experience while increasing sales.

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Protect Your Inventory with an Assortment of Anti-Theft Solutions Designed for Big Box Stores

You need solutions that can maximize sales and minimize shrink across thousands of varied products. The products inside your store may also be in a variety of settings, including open sell inventory, live customer displays, and locked inventory. Different layouts and setups require different solutions.

Retailers need solutions that provide real-time data on shrink, out of stock items, and other metrics designed to improve the shopping experience and minimize loss. Our products can help protect you against organized retail crime, which can result in loss, and even have an impact on your brand.

Big box stores need to partner with an experienced loss prevention company to help them protect their inventory. Below are some of the anti-theft solutions that we offer to help with your unique set of theft issues:

  • GENESIS – GENESIS software allows customers to fully immerse themselves in device technology within the confines of your store, without the obstruction of restrictive security measures. Theft alarms will immediately notify the retailer if devices are stolen.
  • BricTECH – BricTECH security software essentially locks a device and renders it useless if it has been stolen. It is a benefit denial product that removes theft incentive, keeping your inventory off the black market.
  • GenTECH – This is a custom combination of our GENESIS and BricTECH software to create optimal store security that is custom to your needs and location.
  • The Stage and Bar Tester – The Stage and Bar Tester is an ideal way to offer test bottles of perfume, or leave phones on display in an open environment, without customer walking off with test product.
  • Swing Gate – The Swing Gate prevents against massive sweep events while still allowing customers access to the product in an open environment.

Our Retail Anti-Theft Software Solutions are Ideal For:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables
  • Laptops/Computers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Energy Drinks
  • Beauty
  • Hardware
  • Pharmacy
  • Nicotine Suppression
  • Baby products

Big Box Retail Security You Can Depend On

We partner with big box retailers to help them improve sales, track inventory, and prevent theft. With our large assortment of anti-theft devices and software, we can help your organization as well. If you have any questions, or would like to find out more, fill out our Contact form today!