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DIY / Hardware Stores

Retail Security Solutions for Hardware and DIY Products

The hardware and Do-It-Yourself store markets are a competitive landscape with many brick and mortar, as well as online competitors. Retailers in this space need to remain focused on providing a one-stop shopping experience for both consumers and industry professionals at the same time.

There are high valued items that remain targets for ORC theft. The stores that can reduce the risk of theft through enhanced retail security, without restricting customer experience will do well in this market.

This is where Sennco Solutions can help. To find out more about how you can benefit from using our products on your sales floor, fill out the Contact form!

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Protect Your Inventory with our Selection of Retail Anti Theft Devices

The hardware and DIY products that need protection vary from live customer displays, to open sell inventory and locked inventory. Organized retail crime is a nearly daily occurrence for some stores within these industries. Hardware stores need loss prevention solutions that are durable enough to withstand heavy use. We have you covered.

Below are some of the solutions that Sennco offers for security for the hardware and DIY industries:

  • Swing Gate – The Swing Gate protects high-ticket inventory from massive sweep events while alerting store personnel by alarm when it is opened.
  • Cordwinders – Our selection of cordwinders allow you to protect virtually any high-value item while still allowing customers to experience it in an open display environment.
  • Stage and Tester Bar – The Stage Tester allows customers to experience a tester product while it is protected and attached to an open display.

Our Retail Anti-Theft Software Solutions are Ideal For:

  • Power tools and combo sets
  • Blowers
  • Chainsaws
  • Electric cable
  • Home automation products
  • Specialty electrical products
  • Cordless vacuums

Retail Product Security You Can Depend On

Hardware stores need rugged security solutions to protect their rugged inventory. At Sennco Solutions, we have you covered. These high-ticket items can be better protected with our open-shelf security products. You don’t need to compromise the customer experience to reduce theft. In many cases, you can even enhance the customer experience.

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