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“In my opinion, the secret sauce of your approach is the ability to collect behavioral analytics in real environments, in real-time and at scale… Again, in my position I have the honor of seeing a lot of great ideas and very smart approaches to solving problems. Sennco’s system is one of those few that make me reflect on the big-picture implications for what you’ve built and the wealth of value in the new data that you can provide to your customers.”

John Burry - Senior Manager IoT and Mobile Solutions Architect Specialist

Amazon Web Services

“I have one of the top performing MetroPCS stores in the country and I wanted to let you know that I have been extremely pleased with the performance of your new Sennco Genesis Wireless Security System. I have tried several manufacturer’s point of sale security systems to protect our phones from theft, and only Genesis has met and exceeded my expectations… I have experienced a significant increase in sales on the phones protected by Sennco’s Genesis System. I will now be using Genesis to secure all of my phones in store, including Apple products.”

General Manager

Metro by T-Mobile

“Help expedite the need for my company and activate on the important tasks.”
“What I consider a GREAT representative of what true partnership is all about.”
“Represent your companies best interests and always find a way to meet your customer expectations.”
“Here is list of why I think you and your company Rocks!
• AWESOME customer service that stands behind their products (Warranty)
• Great product innovation and great co-partner at product development
• Very cost effective solutions with very good lead time management (production capability)”

A. Perez - GNFR Operations Mgr/ITS

Best Buy

“It is rare that a company will go the extra mile to meet your level of innovation and dedication, delivering a product far beyond expectations. Sennco is one of those companies – through partnership they were able to not only meet our needs, but exceed them and solve for security and access problems we hadn’t considered. The level of detail in their execution is flawless and they are an absolute joy to work with. We look forward to further opportunities to partner with Sennco as we continue to develop game-changing solutions in mobile retail.”

Sam Burke - Coordinator Retail Marketing

HTC Marketing