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Grocery / Drug Stores

Retail Security Solutions for Grocery Stores and Drug Stores

Grocery stores and drug stores have become highly competitive in recent years, especially as online shopping increases in popularity. These stores must provide their customers with an optimal experience in a safe and clean environment to survive.

At the same time, they must balance these needs with reducing shrink of high-price items such as baby food, diapers, razors, and over-the-counter medications. Sennco Solutions offers quality technological solutions that reduce theft and discourage organized retail crime, while at the same time providing retailers with more data to improve the customer experience.

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Protect Your Inventory with the Industry’s Top Retail Anti-Theft Devices

We offer industry-leading retail anti-theft devices for grocery stores and drug stores. Our products are proven to keep your high-ticket items safe. Organized retail crime can be a daily reality for some stores in this vertical. It helps to know that you’re doing everything you can to protect your inventory and keep your employees safe.

Below are some of the most powerful anti-theft devices that Sennco offers:

  • Swing Gate – The Swing Gate reduces large-scale sweep events without impeding the shopping experience for your customers.
  • Cordwinders – Our cordwinders protect your high-price items while allowing your customers to experience them at the same time.
  • The Stage and Tester Bar – The Stage and Tester Bar protects test product inventory while allowing customers to experience it.

Our Retail Anti-Theft Devices are Ideal for:

  • Pharmacy
  • Energy Drinks
  • Beauty
  • Baby formula or diapers
  • Nicotine suppression

Grocery Store and Drug Store Security Products You Can Depend On

Grocery stores and drug stores carry a variety of inventory that is popularly targeted for theft. Managers need a variety of technological solutions in order to best protect their product and their livelihood. Sennco Solutions regularly partners with these stores to help them protect their inventory while providing their customers with an optimal in-store experience.

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