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Sennco Solutions Products

Product Solutions with Peace of Mind
Here at Sennco, we consider our products as solutions. Solutions that provide customers
with a full experience while giving peace of mind regarding the security and safety of your assets.


First and ONLY wireless security alarm that provides analytics.
• Enhanced customer product interaction increases sales
• Analytics provides retailer with information to increase profits

Alarm Only

The alarm only solution provides a simple yet effective solution for your products without power. It is easy to manage, easy to use, and cost effective.

Power & Alarm

We design and build easy to use, easy to install, power and alarm solutions that work and stand up to the day to day retail environments.  Simply displaying, powering and securing with an emphasis on your merchandise.


This is where customization comes extremely easy for us.  You give us 6-8 weeks and a solid scope of work, and we will exceed the mark every time.  We may just make it retract to boot.

Cordwinders, Cables & Ends

One of the largest selection found in our catalog.  If you do not see, ask us as only the most popular ends make our website.  If we do not have it, we will work with you to build it.  Our patented security screw applied to the end of a cable allows us to tie into virtually any cable end with ease and security.

Lilitab Kiosks

Lilitab kiosks focus on saving space, cost and service to traditional PC based kiosks.  With one of the largest, most cohesive, product lines, we are sure to find the right look and feel combined with security your looking for.  Accessories include, POS systems, graphic banners, keyboard holders, casters and more.  MFI Approved, level 6.  Coming soon: PowerDock with audit tracking and keyless entry.