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Technology has advanced at an incredible rate. Electronics today look completely different from ten years ago. With access to developing user-friendly merchandise, appealing to everyone’s favor, theft prevention products need to evolve just as quickly. The retail industry has experienced a recent technology “face lift” in the way businesses are secured and operated. Below, we discuss the future of retail security and why it is important that your business matches pace.

Dummy Domes

In today’s society, theft can sometimes seem to overpower integrity. However, if someone enters your store with the intention to steal merchandise, they will feel less confident in their chances of successfully getting away with it if they see cameras monitoring the space. With Dummy Domes, you are able to deter shoplifters with the impression of a strong anti-theft system. This cost-effective device paired with anti-theft docking stations proves more effective in theft-prevention, as it appears like an authentic camera. You even have the option to purchase your Dummy Dome with a red LED light to mock video recording in progress! Despite an authentic appearance, Dummy Domes should not replace retail security; instead, the device should be added to your anti-theft system for augmented merchandise protection.

Smart Shelf Technology

More businesses are relying on innovative technology to assist with daily operations and retail security. Traditional retail shelving systems will soon become a thing of the past as smart shelf technology offers a diverse – and much needed – range of functionality. From automatically monitoring your store’s inventory to sending an instant alert message when a high quantity of merchandise has been removed from the shelf, this technology will soon be a necessity as the retail industry evolves. Implementing the Smart Shelf in your retail store can, on average, increase your sales by 8% and reduce theft and shrinkage by 50%. With Smart Shelf products offering dual functionality, your purchase can help manage and protect your inventory while you tend to other tasks.

Wireless Security Systems

Technology has steadily innovated to a hands-free, wireless, and often Bluetooth compatible. As a result, consumers will want to test out the products in your store prior to purchasing. However, this is hard to do if a series of wires and dockets prevents the customer from holding or testing your product. Genesis Wireless Security System is a revolutionary technology security system that focuses on the enhancement of customer experience while securely monitoring the merchandise’s whereabouts. This invisible anti-theft software allows potential buyers to hold, test, and even move your tech products throughout the store without the hassle of wires and magnets.

Sennco Solutions: Bringing the Future of Retail Security

At Sennco Solutions, we bring tomorrow’s technology into today’s society by creating innovative, secure, and consumer-friendly retail security systems. We carefully listen to your concerns, ideas, and retail marketing goals to fully represent you and your priorities. If you are looking for an innovative and un-invasive security system that enhances your customer’s experience, contact us today to learn how our experts at Sennco can help.