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The Most Instinctive Anti-Sweep Peg Hook System

Sennco’s TRPDOR™ has a unique design that deters high volume theft by allowing only one product to be removed at a time while still giving the customer direct and easy access to the front item on the hook. This is achieved through a revolutionary patented design, which not only acts as a permanent label holder, but with two strategically positioned back strikers preventing a sweep of the product on the hook. TRPDOR™ is effective yet simple in its design and is available in a variety of mounting methods, lengths, and additional features including a pusher option for constantly compliant facings.


Hook Options

  • Different Price Card Options
  • Different Lengths
  • Different Color Metal & Face Plates

TRPDOR Hooks can be secured to

  • Peg board
  • Slat wall
  • Flush bar



Modular Design

TRPDOR™ Anti-Sweep Hooks can be used to merchandise a wide variety of products with specific branding or messaging. 

With over a million units rolled out worldwide, we have seen up to 15% increase in sales, and up to 24% decrease in losses. 

Recommended for:

  • Wet Shave
  • Small Cosmetics
  • Over The Counter Medicine
  • Hardware Accessories
  • Batteries


Additional Glide Feature Allows for Fully Faced Positions at All Times

  • Dispense only ONE product at a time to prevent sweeps
  • Intuitive operation for customers and team members
  • Pushes merchandise to the front of each facing at all times
  • Allows for rapid restocking
  • Easily replace products on the wrong facing
  • Available in various rear attachment options, lengths and colors
  • Low cost – low total cost of ownership


Pair the TRPDOR™ with the Swing Gate Cabinet and ViziTECH to gain actionable insights and increase theft deterrence.