The retail industry constantly experiences challenges and innovates to tackle those challenges. Three major concerns plague the retail industry, worries that have been serious for years. Theft, neglect, and loss of profit are not novel problems. However, with cutting-edge technology, these issues can finally be resolved. Keep reading to explore how a retail smart shelf addresses these three significant industry concerns.

Three Major Retail Industry Concerns

  1. Theft: In over 90% of the retail industry, shoplifting and ORC (organized retail crime) are serious concerns, costing the retail industry about $30 billion. If your sect of the industry has not been adversely impacted already, it probably will be hit in the future. Reducing theft by stopping it as it happens and apprehending those involved is crucial to ending such extreme crime.
  2. Profit Loss: The ultimate goal of any retailer in the industry is discovering avenues to effectively increase sales and revenue. Over $200 million in items are stolen during ORC cases annually. This is a detrimental loss.
  3. Neglect: Maintaining a stocked store is critical to excellent customer experience. Though employees stock shelves, an area of the store is usually neglected for a time. If a customer can’t find something while meandering through a store, that inability to find something simply because it has been neglected can negatively impact customer experience – and potentially their chances of returning.

A Retail Smart Shelf Solution

  1. Theft Prevention: Read Hayes, director of the Loss Prevention Research Council states, “It has long been known that associate interaction is one of the best deterrents to theft. This solution’s unique ability to alert store personnel and potential thieves in real-time while theft activity is occurring at the shelf is worth consideration.” The Sennco Smart Shelf combines aesthetic displays with great security. With four simple pieces – a shelf pad, shelf controller, audio controller, and an optional integrated camera – the Smart Shelf is a sleek addition to any retail store.

How exactly does it all work together? The shelf pad monitors any products placed on it through live capacitive sensing, sending that data to the shelf controller. The shelf controller then transmits that data to Sennco’s cloud. Depending on the data you choose to monitor, you will receive appropriate alerts. For example, if a large amount of product is unexpectedly removed from your shelf, the appropriate individuals in your company will be alerted because of a “Sweep Alert.” If you choose to purchase the integrated camera, a short video clip will be recorded.

Watch the full Smart Shelf video preview below:


  1. Increased Profit: Theft prevention relates directly to increased profit. So does an aesthetically pleasing display. The juxtaposition of beauty and security create a pleasing display that increases profit through greater sales and fewer crimes.
  2. Merchandise Supply: The Smart Shelf can be utilized for a variety of real-time alerts – such as low or out of stock conditions. This notification can be directly given to employees, alerting them to empty shelves. The problem of neglected merchandise can come to an end.

Sennco Solutions

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