Sennco Smart Shelf Technology

Sennco Smart Shelf Technology

It’s about time your shelf does more than hold merchandise.

The Sennco Smart Shelf provides an elevated shopper experience with increased product protection. Collect insight on the trends of your shoppers and maintain accessible inventory while monitoring and protecting merchandise from potential theft. This leads to, on average, an 8% sales lift and a 50% shrinkage reduction.

The Sennco Smart Shelf powered by Tally Advantage

Automatic on-shelf inventory counting and reporting
Real-time alerts of low or out of stock conditions (text, PA audio or email)
Anti-sweep alerts to prevent and deter organized retail theft (text, PA audio or email)
Access at anytime, from anywhere through the Internet

Now introducing the Sennco Smart Shelf for Fragrance

Finally, a solution that operations, asset protection, and merchandising can get excited about! It’s the best combination of creating an excellent customer experience, reducing shrink, and increasing sales!

Optimize Merchandising – through live inventory sensing
Monitor On-Shelf Availability – through automatic inventory notifications and tracking
Reduce Theft – with real-time alerts at the shelf and through video integration

“The results of the initial offender interviews for the Smart Shelf solution were positive receiving our highest scores for “Get It” and “Fear It”. We look forward to additional testing and research as this Smart Shelf solution is deployed by more retailers in the coming months. It has long been known that associate interaction is one of the best deterrents to theft. This solution’s unique ability to alert store personnel and potential thieves in real time while theft activity is occurring at the shelf is worth consideration.”

Dr. Read Hayes
Director, Loss Prevention Research Council