Swansboro, NC, September 27, 2019 – Sennco Solutions, a leader in retail security, is pleased to announce the selection of Product Protection Solutions (PPS) to be their exclusive EAS partner for their product offerings in the U.S.

Sennco’s partnership with PPS is designed to take advantage of both organization’s relationships and latest technologies to help retailers solve current challenges. “Our partnership allows both PPS and Sennco to utilize our combined experience, unique strengths, and our most relevant and timely solutions to best protect our customers’ assets,” said Chris Cox, CEO of PPS. “Because Sennco and PPS are both so customer-centric, this partnership brings both organizations to a higher level, allowing our respective customers to receive optimum benefit,” he said.

PPS will begin by offering Sennco’s Smart Shelf powered by Tally®. “The results of the initial offender interviews for the Smart Shelf solution were positive receiving our highest scores for ‘Get It’ and ‘Fear It,’ said Dr. Read Hayes, Director of the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC). “It has long been known that associate interaction is one of the best deterrents to theft. This solution’s unique ability to alert store personnel and potential thieves in real time while theft activity is occurring at the shelf is worth consideration,” he said.

“We are excited for what this new partnership brings to our customers,” said Sennco’s President, Chris Marszalek. “PPS is well-known in the retail industry for cultivating longtime relationships by providing dependable and affordable solutions.” Additionally, the retail industry relationships that Sennco and PPS have thoughtfully cultivated contribute to their intentionality when partnering with security solutions providers that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their respective customers.

About PPS

PPS, a veteran-owned and operated company, is committed to providing both consultative services and physical loss prevention technologies to support customer needs. We take pride in our ability to offer effective solutions that address a wide range of loss prevention measures, from multi-purpose to individual custom applications. Our flexibility and experience allow us to dedicate the resources needed to offer a solution that works best for you, particularly where no solution has yet been found. We are focused on enabling retailers to keep more of what matters, thus creating a better shopping experience for your customers, and increasing your overall profitability.

About Sennco

Sennco strives to maximize security and operational excellence for the products on retail display, while also elevating sales through functional and innovative solutions. Sennco’s unique approach to retail security and management has resulted in their reputation as a thought-leader in the evolution of retail asset protection. Sennco Solutions is based just outside of Chicago, IL and has been in the retail security industry for over 18 years.