How important are security devices for electronics? The answer: exceptionally important. Retail theft is a serious issue with startling statistics. Investing in merchandise security devices for electronics is lucrative and beneficial to your bottom line for two primary reasons: theft prevention and customer satisfaction. While customer satisfaction and security devices may seem mutually exclusive, these two retail industry fundamentals exist simultaneously and in complement – with the proper security system.

Retail Theft

Retail theft, especially organized retail crime (ORC) and shoplifting, negatively impacts nearly every facet (92%) of the retail industry. As a whole, ORC costs the industry about $30 million annually. In 2018, “dollar loss per shoplifting incident” averaged $559. Retail theft demonstrates its influence in severe inventory shrinkage every year. For this reason alone, investing in security devices for electronics is important. Retail theft prevention must be proactively pursued.

Customer Satisfaction

The misconception that security displays aren’t aesthetically appealing or user-friendly is common. However, when utilizing the best displays, the opposite is true. Security solutions that allow customers to fully engage in the product will result in pleasant experiences and higher conversion rates.

How is this possible? Well, engagement can only occur when the retailer is confident in the security of his or her product. For example, an iPad retailer may want customers to hold the device, turn it on, test the camera, play with a few applications, etc. How will a customer make a purchase decision if they haven’t tested the item? However, especially regarding electronics on display, security is important. Customer satisfaction and security work simultaneously to increase sales and decrease theft.

Security Devices for Electronics

Reducing theft and increasing customer satisfaction are two important reasons for investing in security devices for electronics. So, which security device is best for your merchandise? Sennco Solutions offers a variety of sleek, aesthetically-pleasing security options that provide excellent customer experiences.

Genesis Wireless

Our wireless solution features breakthrough technology, a small part of a greater program: Genesis Wireless. The Genesis system provides an integrative experience, allowing customers to hold the electronic and compare it with other products. All the while, the Genesis system is tracking both daily analytics and the exact distance between the product and its display. In other words, our wireless solution at Sennco provides a complete interactive customer experience and cutting-edge security.

Power and Alarm

Power and alarm solutions are ideal for crafting interactive displays while securing and charging merchandise. For a cost-effective option, some retailers utilize our alarm only security solutions. These won’t charge your products, but they’re easy to manage and simple to use. Alarm only solutions include sensors – designed for laptops, tables, keyboards, or virtually anything with a standard USB port – and even outdoor alarms.

Mechanical Solutions

Our mechanical solutions provide high levels of security without compromising customer satisfaction or interaction. These include secure displays for all current tablets and cellular devices.


At Sennco, we understand that security devices don’t always mean hardware. That’s why we’re leading the way with hardware-free security solutions. Our BricTECH™ security software is an invisible option, creating an optimal consumer experience. BricTECH™ is ideal for any demo device, allowing the device itself to be the star of your retail display.

Retail Theft Prevention at Sennco Solutions

Does one of these solutions seem to fit your situation – but not perfectly? We offer customization for any security solution. We can build a security device for your unique products in 6-8 weeks. Contact Sennco Solutions today to begin a conversation about your security device!