The retail industry seems to face two consistent problems: retail theft due to poor deterrent systems or minimized profit due to unattractive deterrent systems. Minimized losses and maximized profits often appear mutually exclusive. For example, a fragrance company may desire total customer interaction, such as testing scents, feeling bottles, etc. Yet, for security purposes, the company must put all products in locked glass cases.

This problem is not unique. However, the right theft deterrent systems are built to deliver the retail industry from this conundrum. The following content explores how retail theft deterrent systems are simultaneously minimizing losses, maximizing profits, and improving customer satisfaction.

Minimized Losses

The purpose of an excellent security system is minimized losses. The key: discovering a theft deterrent system that is specifically designed for your unique application.

If your company sells electronic items, such as tablets or phones, you may consider a tablet kiosk system or power and alarm solution, sleek, powerful, and effective for those specific applications. You may require a different solution for your industry. Genesis Wireless, for example, combines safety with data analytics, creating a powerful and innovative security solution. Genesis Wireless minimizes loss through complex, complementary features, from a sensor head that reacts if someone nears the end of your security perimeter to the main alarm that clearly, loudly alerts an associate when a device is tampered with. While these systems certainly minimize theft, you may wonder: How will they display my merchandise? Will they minimize profits while minimizing loss? The answer is a resounding “no.”

Maximized Profits

The right theft deterrent system, designed for your application, will maximize your profits. How? First, theft prevention equals increased profit. Minimized loss automatically adds positive credit to your bottom line. However, the best theft deterrent systems also work to maximize profits via aesthetic appeal, largely through improved customer experience, ultimately resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Innovative security systems add to customer satisfaction by providing excellent experiences. Theft-deterrent systems, such as mechanical solutions, allow customers to interact with the product. For example, an electronic department selling Apple products could utilize a mechanical solution for iPad, iPhone, etc., encouraging customers to try before they make a purchase. Ultimately, most purchases will be made because customers have experienced and enjoyed their experience. The aforementioned power and alarm solutions allow customers to interact with and hold, feel, and weigh the items themselves. Perhaps you sell items on a shelf. The Sennco Smart Shelf allows retailers to track sales, monitor theft, and always update stock.

Sennco Solutions: Providing the Best Retail Deterrent System

The fragrance company’s story is not fictional – and the ending is happy. Coty Beauty, a company from Paris, contacted Sennco Solutions with their problem: security couldn’t be ignored, but fragrance sales dropped because they were displayed behind glass, minimizing customer satisfaction. Sennco provided a solution tailored to Coty Beauty’s needs, building attractive and secure displays that improved customer experience and minimized losses. If you would like to achieve a similar success story for your industry, contact us today to begin a conversation about a unique solution for you.