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Welcome to the future of wireless retail display security.

Sennco Solutions offers breakthrough technology that will change the way retailers and OEM's do business.

The wireless technology for security is only a small part of the new Genesis product line. Genesis Data Analytics provides a unique and distinct competitive advantage that will revolutionize the asset protection market.

The Genesis Wireless Security System® is the ideal solution for experience driven retail environments. The Genesis System was designed so that customers can truly experience products freely without the obstruction of security measures. Customers can hold the product in their hands, fit phones in their pocket, and even walk to another display for product to product comparisons. While empowering customers with the perfect retail experience, merchants can collect time and date stamped analytics showing the daily interactions per product with the Genesis Data Analytics.

The Genesis Wireless Security System® uses a patented proximity detection technique based on using multiple wireless frequencies and antennas to measure the distance from the display to the security devices in any direction and any orientation.

Genesis Loss Prevention Features

Genesis Profit Generating Security System Product Features

Genesis Profit Generating Data Analytics Features

Track number of product lifts by SKU.
Compare to sales to determine close rate.

Track date and time of each lift.
Improve associate store coverage.

Track dwell time.
Gauge customer interest for each device.

Advertising dollars will be spent more efficiently.
Target lower lift products.

Target advertising for more profitable products not being lifted.

Remotely monitor if devices are being powered. Sennco data analytics can be viewed in a dashboard on a desktop, tablet, or cell phone.

Analyze consumer shopping habits and product interest by district and regions.

Customer Experience & Data Statistics

Allow Sennco to invite you into the mind of your customer.