First and ONLY wireless security
alarm that provides analytics.

  • Enhanced customer product interaction increases sales
  • Analytics provides retailer with information to increase profits

The Sennco Wireless System is the ideal solution for experience driven retail environments. The Wireless was designed so customers can freely experience products without the limitation of security measures. Customers can hold the product in their hand, put it in their pocket, and even walk to another display for in-hand product to product comparisons. While empowering customers with the perfect retail experience, merchants can collect time and date stamped analytics showing daily interactions per product.

Patented • Patent Pending

Analytics Reporting

  • Merchants and marketing can track interactions, trends within the assortment, locate hotspots  and adjust planograms accordingly.
  • Loss prevention alarm status and asset  tracking compliance.


  • Cradle= 1” x 1.4” See PDF
  • Sensor head= 3.74” x 1.98” x .72”
  • Sensor head=1.5oz
  • Roam up to 6-8ft away from Fixture
  • Proximity zone alert built into sensor head
  • 100:1 Device to alarm ratio
  • AC power
  • Alarm= 103-105 dB alarm
  • Sensor head= 90 dB alarm


  • Allow cross merchandising and comparisons between products
  • Alarm status LED
  • Analytics with web portal reporting and text alerts
  • Track interactions and trends
  • Cradle charges products
  • Tethering with quick disconnect and customizable cable size