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Lilitab kiosks focus on saving space, cost and service to traditional PC based kiosks.  With one of the largest, most cohesive, product lines, we are sure to find the right look and feel combined with security your looking for.  Accessories include, POS systems, graphic banners, keyboard holders, casters and more.  MFI Approved, level 6.  Coming soon: PowerDock with audit tracking and keyless entry. IPad Pro.

Tablet Kiosk


Tablet Friendly. lilitab is able to support most 10″ tablets on the market, including all Apple iPad 10″ versions, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and more. And no matter what new tablets are introduced into the market, Sennco is ready and equipped for change and upgrade.

Pro Line vs. Basic. For maximum versatility, the Pro line includes the MagDock for easy lilitab head unit release, plus it can also be tilted up and down +/- 22.5°. The Basic package has a fixed neck, no MagDock and a lower price point.



The patented MagDock feature is mounted at the top of the pole where the lilitab head unit is mounted. With a turn of a key, the lilitab head unit easily detaches for assisted selling, maintenance or access to the tablet. The pass through power automatically begins to charge the tablet when docked. If your tablet stops working, just turn the key to swap in a new lilitab head unit. Problem solved—no waiting, no technician necessary.

MagDock img 1


The patented MagKey is a feature that allows you to securely sleep your lilitab when an iPad is installed. Insert the key to put the iPad asleep, remove to wake and return your kiosk to the exact state it was in. This allows you to turn your kiosk “on” and “off” without accessing or removing your iPad—a key concern for establishments who power down their fixtures at night.

MagKey img1



Face options. The lilitab secure enclosure comes with your choice of faceplate to suit your security camera needs. Your options are:

– Standard Faceplate (Home button exposed)

– Security Faceplate (pinhole for paper-clip triggering of Home button)

– High Security Faceplate (no Home button)

– Camera Faceplate (Home button + camera opening)

– Camera Security Faceplate (pinhole Home button + camera opening)

– Camera High Security Faceplate (camera opening only)

Optional secure card reader. Need a magnetic stripe reader? Simply add a card reader. You can choose our own liliSwipe, an iPad 30pin encrypting and tokenizing reader or you can use a Square TM reader mount point.

Mega expandable. The expansion ports on the lilitab head unit allows you to easily add third party electronics, as well as various customizations such as exposing the rear facing camera on any tablet.

Brand it your way. It’s easy to brand your lilitab and clearly communicate your message with our branding accessories. They include silk-screen faceplates, backdrop graphics and banner mounts.

Dress it up. Take your lilitab to another level with add-on accessories that include a keyboard mount,merchandising rack, brochure pocket and ID Scanner.

Works with queuing systems. The lilitab Floor is the only tablet kiosk that integrates directly into your queuing system. Attach the optional belt barrier attachment, and you can position it to process orders and present information to your customers as they wait in line.

Optional base plate. For a more mobile system, you can add the optional base plate to easily move or travel with your lilitab.



Mounting lilitab


Radio transparent. With no metal in the lilitab head unit, it won’t interfere with your tablet’s various signals (WiFi, 4G, and Bluetooth), ensuring that you get maximum range and data throughput.

Multiple mounting options. The lilitab kiosk system consists of various mount options, including bolt-down floor or free-standing floor with optional base plate, counter and wall. And all cables are concealed inside the lilitab head unit and mount, leaving nothing visible for tampering.

Tablet safe. Silicone pads inside the lilitab head unit cradle your tablet against bumps and knocks. This ensures your tablet is safe from damage if dropped.

Rock solid and anti-theft. The lilitab head unit is manufactured from ABS, one of the strongest plastics available. This together with our patented perimeter latching system ensures your tablet is safe inside. The mount is manufactured from powder-coated steel that is nearly impervious to chips and scratches. At the rear of its base, the lilitab Floor has a solid steel lock-point, so you can secure it with a Kensington lock. For a more permanent installation on all models, the pole mount can be bolted to a surface through mount points inside the tubular base, leaving nothing visible or accessible.





Floor Basic Kiosk

Floor Pro Kiosk

PictureMount Pro Kiosk

Surface Basic Kiosk

Surface Pro Kiosk

Wall Basic Kiosk

Wall Pro Kiosk

Hand-held Kiosk

iPad Mini Kiosk

PowerDOCK Attachment


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