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Are you in an industry targeted by organized retail crime or other forms of consistent theft? If so, you need a way to reduce product loss without disruption of your sales process.

Are you wondering how you can stop the “grab and runs” while maintaining a positive customer experience?

Maybe you have tried other products but found they hurt your sales and decreased shelf accessibility. Or perhaps they were just so expensive and difficult to use, it wasn’t worth the investment.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is or what products you sell; retail theft does not have to be a cost of doing business. You want an anti-theft device that will help you eliminate shelf-sweeps and stop shoplifting! Something that will help you protect your high-value merchandise while at the same time, increase customer satisfaction and sales.

How you can stop the “grab and runs” and track stolen items while maintaining a positive customer experience?

Slow The Roll

If you desire an easy and affordable theft reduction option, check out our newest product.

The Swing Gate will help protect your high-value merchandise and stop shoplifters in their tracks. In addition to eliminating the shelf-sweeps, it will help you obtain valuable customer interaction data and give you a quick return on your investment.

How to Ruin a Thief’s Day?

Just looking at the Swing Gate device provides a visual dilemma for shoplifters. Imagine the anguish thieves will feel when they are no longer able to “grab and run” with your products.

If they try to steal items, the thief will have to use both hands to access each product, slowing them down considerably. How will they ever pull off a shelf-sweep? It won’t be happening in your store. The back and side cage panels of the Swing Gate defeat their attacks from multiple sides.

Happy Customers Mean More Sales

Keep your customers happy by allowing them to choose merchandise without waiting for a sales associate’s assistance. There is no need to ask an associate to unlock the case to make a purchase. Using two hands, they can remove the product from the shelf themselves. When using Swing Gate, all merchandise, no matter how costly, remains accessible for the customer.

The Swing Gate system is surprisingly easy to use and includes soft close hinges to enhance the customer experience and provide for durability.

Your Job Just Got A Lot Easier!

As the owner or manager of a store, your job will be less stressful when you don’t have to spend so much time worrying about theft.

You will no longer have to have multiple people in a department to handle opening cases and to monitor customers as they look at products. It doesn’t matter what you sell; Swing Gate works with all kinds of industries and products. From small packages to large sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect size and materials to fit in with your retail design’s integrity.

Swing Gate is designed for easy self-installation, so there is no need to wait for someone to come and set the system up before use. You can do it yourself. You’ll find the custom mounting solutions are easy and provide rapid deployment.

You won’t have to worry about purchasing new shelving because the Swing Gate is modular to fit any retail shelf.

Staff will no longer have to stand around monitoring whether a new customer entered the area. You can focus on other work, and the electronic controller and sensor network will notify you when customers are shopping in the department.

In addition, sound alerts will let the store staff know if there is an individual theft or sweep attempt. And if you need interaction information, the Swing Gate system can be configured to send notifications via email and SMS. Plus, you can set it up for closed-circuit television integration for timestamp data.

Imagine having a record of customer interactions with various products. That data will help improve your sales.

To top it off, you will see a quick and significant return on your investment—no waiting a year or two to see if it works.

Don’t Put Up With Theft

You don’t have to put up with retail theft. It no longer has to be a cost of doing business.

An easy and affordable theft reduction option is available. You can install it yourself, and the robust design and materials will perform well in your busy store.

You will be in control when Swing Gate deters shoplifters and provides you with alerts when they attempt to steal merchandise.

Imagine having a record of customer interactions with various products?

The open sale concept will keep your customers happy and help you to maintain sales. You will know what products are on your shelf and what needs to be ordered.

You will see immediate results as soon as you implement the Swing Gate product.

If you are looking for an easy and affordable theft reduction option to protect your valuable merchandise that will provide an immediate return on your investment, contact us today.