Because of their convenience, portability, and ever-increasing power, laptops are a staple of modern working life. Since we use them for so much valuable information, keeping your laptop safe is important for consumers and retailers alike – although the means of protection are different. Below, we discuss the best measures for increasing laptop security for both consumers and retailers.

Laptop Security Solutions as a Consumer:

Use a Strong Password

Password protecting your device is an important step in keeping it safe. Whenever possible, use a full password, not just a PIN. Passwords should be updated every few months, and avoid using the same password for every account, even though it’s easy. Longer passwords are harder for bots and malware to guess, so use at least ten characters. Make sure to use a variety of characters, including numbers, symbols, and upper- and lower-case letters.

Verify Website and WiFi Security

When browsing, avoid visiting sites with suspicious or unusual URLs, and don’t click on ads. These often have malware aspects, designed to get into your system and steal your information and files. Check for a green lock symbol in the web address bar, and look for the letters “https” at the beginning of the URL. These both indicate the site is safe. When joining new WiFi networks, make sure the network you connect to is the correct one. Ask an employee or your host to verify it. Copycat networks may display names similar to the correct network but will be used to remotely access your device. When using public WiFi, avoid sending or accessing any important information—public networks are rarely secure, and your laptop can be hacked.

Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus software protects your laptop from viruses. These can come from websites, ads, or suspicious emails or attachments. Antivirus software detects and prevents viruses from causing harm. They are an important investment for any laptop user. There are several well-known and used options, such as McAfee or Norton, but you should research and decide on the best one for your laptop.

Laptop Security Solutions as a Retailer:

Use BricTECH Software

Software is extremely effective in theft dissuasion. BricTECH™ is a security software designed first and foremost to deter thieves, but its functionality extends far beyond initial deterrence. BricTECH™ also prevents thieves from using stolen devices. BricTECH™ software can be added to any demo device, allowing the device to be the center of attention – while carrying a protective software that is virtually impossible to get around or remove.

Use Steel Cables and Locks

Because your concern as a retailer is less focused on hacking threats and more on physical theft, physical protection such as steel cables are an important option. Cables are difficult to cut through. When used to lock laptops to a display counter or table, they are daunting obstacles for an average thief.

Use Power & Alarm or Mechanical Solutions

Power and alarm solutions are excellent for multi-purposed security. This solution charges and protects your electronic merchandise simultaneously. For merchandise that does not require a consistent charge, alarm-only solutions are ideal, allowing for the installation of customizable sensor cables. Mechanical solutions are highly-customizable, highly-secure security tools that provide extreme protection and excellent customer experience.

Use One Extra Layer of Protection

As sturdy cables or mechanical locks dissuade would-be thieves, so do surveillance cameras – even mock surveillance cameras. Cost-effective and efficient, The Dummy Dome provides an extra layer of security for your premium merchandise, giving the impression of a stronger security presence.

Sennco Solutions: Custom Retail Security

No two retailers are alike, and you need the security solution that works for your store. Here at Sennco, we want to help you find the best fit. We have a variety of solutions, including the Genesis Wireless Security System®, which allows customers to have a fully interactive experience with the merchandise, and the BricTECH™ Security System, which uses lock settings and location-sensing to prevent use after shoplifting. We also provide a number of mechanical and customizable solutions, so your merchandise is protected without sacrificing customer experience.

If you’re interested in other solutions for your laptops or other merchandise security, please don’t hesitate to contact us.