Have you recognized your store is losing money to shoplifters? Or maybe you’ve realized your customers aren’t able to test products well enough to make a confident purchase because of your bulky security system. But what should your next steps be? Configuring an effective, user-friendly retail security system can be a daunting task, so here are the components you will need to keep your products secure and your customers fully engaged.

Hardware Components

Many expensive products are displayed for customers to touch, hold and try while they consider making a purchase. Hardware is an important part of this display/engagement dynamic and choosing the right tools will impact your sales results. In order to display products securely while still allowing customer engagement, you will need:

  1. Alarm and sensor solutions that keep you in the loop if there are any attempts to take your products from their docks, including alarms for merchandise that requires a power source.
  2. Cordwinders, cables, and ends which allow you to display expensive merchandise for customers to explore, but keep the items tethered to the shelf for safe-keeping.
  3. Mechanical display solutions that empower your customers to have a realistic idea of how the merchandise feels, smells or operates while preventing the items from being shoplifted.

Software Components

In addition to hardware solutions, your retail store may require software to secure your merchandise. The security software you choose needs to be extremely difficult for a shoplifter to get around and yet usable for you as well as the customers interacting with the products.

Software not only secures your merchandise, but it can also provide vital data and statistics to help you track customer engagement and improve your strategy to increase your sales rates.

Your store might need:

  1. Wireless security with data analytics, allowing your customers to carry merchandise around the store with them for experimentation and comparison purposes. This software also provides you with accurate customer engagement data to inform your advertising strategies and sales goals.
  1. Theft prevention software, requiring no hardware while preventing would-be thieves from using a device once they remove it from its power source or take it out of a specified radius. This software still allows customers to use the device while in the store, ensuring easy interaction.

Additional Effective Retail Security System Components

Once you’ve decided on the hardware and/or software solutions that your store needs for your system, you can look into other technology for added security. A Smart Shelf might make sense if you display a high volume of the same product and you want video monitoring and anti-sweep alerts. You could also utilize a mock surveillance camera to give the illusion of live monitoring to deter shoplifters. And there are always peg hook locks for the items you want to hang in your store for easy access. By now, you should be well on your way to having a retail store where the assets are secure, the customers are engaged and sales figures are rising!

Sennco Solutions

At Sennco Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing effective retail security system components that are easy for both retail store managers and customers to use. You know your store’s needs best and we are here to partner with you as you design a security system that checks all your boxes. Contact us today for assistance in creating your ideal retail security system!