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Retail theft is pervasive. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, shoplifting is among the most frequently committed crimes. Nearly $50 billion is lost annually in retail crime, with over 550,000 incidents every day. Unfortunately, retail thieves are rarely caught or prevented – retail crime continuously escalates, and shoplifters are only caught, on average, once every 49 occurrences.

If retail theft has not yet impacted your store, it will eventually. Left unchecked or ignored, retail theft is detrimental. Stores carrying expensive technology, especially iPads, tablets, and laptops, should be vigilant. Retailers lose nearly $50 million daily, and locations with expensive gear may be at greater risk.

If theft has already buffeted your store, change is still possible. Excellent anti-theft equipment will deter and defend from such pervasive, detrimental crime.

The Challenge

Tablets, iPads, and laptops are uniquely challenging to protect. Firstly, these devices are desired by thieves, because they can be resold for good money. Thus, durable security solutions are required.

However, tablets, iPads, and laptops require testability. Customers enjoy engaging with the laptop, analyzing the quality of a keyboard, evaluating touchscreen response time, initiating and testing familiar applications, etc. Without the ability to thoroughly explore a product, customers hesitate to purchase, and heavy-duty security systems are often unappealing and restricting.

What is the solution to these seemingly inconsistent goals?

The Solution

The solution rests in correcting a misconception. The goal of electronic retailers to protect laptops and other high-stake goods while presenting an inviting merchandise display are not diametrically opposed. In fact, the ideal security solution will mesh both goals in a single system, providing extraordinary security and a beautiful aesthetic.

Power & Alarm Solutions

A laptop anti theft alarm like the Solo 2 Alarm are part of the solution. The Solo 2 is compact, versatile, and powerful. The Solo 2 is quick to install and simple to operate, ideal for any cell phone, tablet, E-reader, iPod, iPad, GPS, or laptop. Aptly named, this Power & Alarm solution powers the device while protecting it. The Solo 2 is cost-effective and attractive, a sleek powerhouse.

Alarm Only Solutions

Easy to manage and use, alarm only solution provides a secure display without powering your products. One such solution, The Quadro Alarm, is extremely cost-effective. The Quadro Alarm is a four-port system, enabling users to display and secure four items at any given time. With a vast variety of customized sensor cables, the Quadro Alarm can be utilized for virtually any electronic device – including tables, iPads, and laptops.

Sennco Solutions

Sennco Solutions is passionate about finding the perfect balance between loss prevention and customer experience. We believe these can coincide in the right retail security solution for your application. Providing excellent, durable equipment, we are dedicated to reducing retail theft – one satisfied client at a time.

To inquire about the best security solution for your application, please reach out to our team! You can contact us at (866) 736-6261 or via our online form – we look forward to getting in touch.