What is most important in your retail merchandise display? Is it aesthetic? Security? Availability? Do you actually have to choose one over the others? The answer is no. The three things to consider when displaying retail merchandise–user experience, security, and on-shelf availability–complement each other perfectly with the right security solution.

User Experience

When thinking through your retail merchandise display, user experience is a critical piece to consider. After all, user experience is an avenue to conversions. A positive experience will likely result in an immediate conversion or a returning customer- or, ultimately, a brand ambassador. Negative experiences generally elicit the opposite response. Not only will an unhappy customer likely avoid your merchandise, but he or she may also share the experience within their sphere of influence. As an important player in the retail industry, your display should be positive, even innovative. It should be transformational to the customer.


Security measures should not be taken lightly. The good news is, excellent security does not have to inhibit beautiful merchandise presentation! Your merchandise should be the star of your display, not your security system. At the same time, security is still of utmost importance. Retail theft is a prevalent issue. Ultimately, your security should be conducive to an incredible merchandise display and anti-theft protection.

On-Shelf Availability

Alongside a great display and security, maintaining the on-shelf availability of merchandise is crucial. Few issues could be more unprofessional than not providing the desired items to a customer, simply because your shelves are not stocked. This is especially true for grocery stores, alcohol providers, or retail clothing shops. However, no company is perfect. No retailer in the industry can be in every aisle at once. A system that tracks and even alerts you to stolen or depleted items is ideal.

Finding the Best Security Option

With aesthetic, safety, and availability in mind, what security solution is right for your situation? For displayed merchandise, Sennco Solutions is excited to provide a wide variety of options: wireless, power & alarm, mechanical, tethers, and smart solutions. The wireless system, named Genesis, utilizes a variety of features to provide a security system that is safe and generates data analytics.

Power & alarm systems are perfect for displays that require power, such as phones, tablets, or computers. Alarm-only systems are also available. This solution is simple to use, cost-effective, and perfect for power-free displays. Mechanical security options provide a high-level of protection. Mechanical options are sleek and sturdy, customizable to fit your specific brand (e.g. Apple and Samsung phones).

Tethered solutions are fairly self-explanatory. A tethered item is attached to the display shelf, providing safety while allowing customers to experience your merchandise. Sennco Solutions provides cordwinders, cables, and ends for your security needs. Smart solutions include Genesis, as well as the Smart Shelf. The Smart Shelf is perfect for maintaining on-shelf availability. The shelf leads to greatly reduced theft and positive customer experience.

Your Best Security Solution

Sennco Solutions is here to serve you. We desire to provide a system that meets and exceeds your expectations, providing both incredible customer experience and excellent security. Contact us today with questions about any of our products – or to inquire after a custom solution.