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Case Studies

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“Overall, Store A saw a substantial 95.5% decrease in loss during the Swing Gate trial… Therefore, the loss reduction for Store A (where the Swing Gate was installed) was 72.4% and 86.1% greater compared to the “unlocked” and “locked” control stores, respectively.”

“33.35% Less OOS Rate

5.18% More Turnover

62.24% Less Lost Turnover”

Sales growth of test articles with placement in the Energy Zone +11%. Sales growth of the entire categories beverages and snacks +3%

“A T-Mobile Premium Retailer Turns to a Benefit-Denial Solution to Combat Theft and Increase Sales, Store Safety and Customer Experience.”

 “Since taking over this store in March of this year, we have had zero shrink of our demo devices. Genesis has also decreased the amount of demo devices that we have had to exchange due to being damaged while on display.”

One year after the program launch (February 2019 to March 2020), Dixons reported over 80% shrink reduction across the United Kingdom.”

“This competitive advantage greatly improves the probability of closing a sale in the store and provides a platform for the retailer to cross-merchandise and upsell products by providing excellent customer service.”

“Post deployment, Connectivity Source reports that essentially all display device theft has been eradicated.”