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The retail theft problem is no secret. Though only about half of businesses understand the severity of retail theft, 92% feel the impact of theft daily, ultimately adding up to significant long-term loss. On average, organized retail crime claims over $200 million. Thus, theft deterrence is an unequivocally important consideration for store owners. The balance between preventing retail theft and providing a pleasing user experience challenges business owners to find the best security solution for their specific application. Below, we discuss a cost-effective deterrent solution, designed to complement existing security solutions and give the impression of a strong defense.

Dummy Cameras: An Overview

In our modern era, dummy security cameras are built to model real security cameras with precision. The goal, of course, is to deter even the trained thief from crime. The best dummy cameras can confuse organized retail crime groups, unable to differentiate between the real and dummy cameras. Some fake security cameras are installed on an exterior store wall, mimicking the elongated, bullet-shaped cameras. Others are dome-shaped, perfect for indoor installation. Beside style options, some dummy cameras can be purchased with a blinking LED, giving the appearance of a live recording. Some models are available with fake cables or realistic panning movement capabilities. While add-ons can provide a convincing appearance of functioning surveillance cameras, any dummy security camera will add weight to a store’s security presence. What are the specific benefits of dummy cameras for your store?

1. Dummy Cameras Are Cost-Effective

While dummy cameras should not completely replace security measures, the addition of fake security cameras may limit the number of legitimate safety measures in place. Ultimately, dummy cameras are significantly cheaper than real cameras, a cost-effective security solution. Dummy cameras are often priced between $15 and $45 – authentic security camera sets for retail stores are often thousands. Of course, the difference corresponds to the complex electronic components in real cameras.

2. Dummy Cameras Are Easy to Install

Without the addition of real cables, dummy cameras simply need to be mounted to the ceiling or exterior wall, depending on the camera. Dummy systems with LED lights are usually battery run; outside electricity is not required. Installation is often as simple as interior decorating.

Another benefit to the ease of installation regarding dummy cameras is simple replacement. Although dummy cameras are built to be durable, switching systems once in a while to give the impression of an updated security profile is just as simple as removing and reinstalling the original dummy cameras.

3. Dummy Cameras Deter Crime

The presence of security cameras ultimately deters crime, especially if the thief cannot differentiate between faux and authentic cameras. The possibility of being recorded and caught often dissuades thieves from moving forward with their plan. Some high-quality dummy cameras are so realistic, telling one from the other is nearly impossible.

4. Dummy Cameras Can Provide Peace of Mind

As with any excellent security system, dummy cameras – in tandem with authentic security measures – can provide peace of mind. As a store owner, understanding that organized crime groups, employees, and shoplifters are deterred is reassuring.

The Dummy Dome

The Dummy Dome is a theft deterrent solution designed to make thieves think twice. While faux security cameras should not replace real security measures, the cost-effective Dummy Domes give the impression of a stronger security presence – effectively dissuading would-be thieves. The Dummy Dome is:

  • Visually identical to a real camera
  • Cost-effective addition to a retail security system
  • Adjustable for a variety of ceiling types
  • Available with an optional built-in LED light, giving a “live” appearance
  • Available with an optional five foot extender

Partner Security Solutions

Which security solutions pair excellently with dummy cameras?

Locking Peg Hooks

Locking Peg Hooks are the highest level of security for premium pegged merchandise. The system is easy to operate and difficult for criminals to defeat.

Genesis Wireless

Genesis Wireless is an advanced security system with data analytics – the future of data analytics. One downside to dummy security cameras is the lack of actual recorded footage. The Genesis Wireless system pairs excellently with the faux security cameras with advanced data and tracking analytics. Merchants utilizing the Genesis Wireless Security System can collect time and data stamped analytics showing daily interactions per product. Using multiple wireless frequencies and antennas, the wireless security system can measure the distance from a merchandise display to the security devices in any direction and orientation.

Power & Alarm Solutions

Power & alarm security solutions are sleek, compact powerhouses. These solutions are built to power the merchandise and provide alarms, if suspicious action occurs. Sennco Solutions designs power & alarm systems that are compatible with cell phone, tablet, E-reader, iPod, GPS, and so much more with ease. Alarm-only solutions are simply yet valuable, easy to manage, easy to use, and cost-effective. Simply put, alarm-only solutions provide extreme security without powering the merchandise.

Mechanical Solutions

Mechanical solutions are extraordinarily customizable and extremely powerful, providing the highest level of security for your merchandise without compromising consumer interaction. The sleek, sturdy solution is adjustable to protect most cellular devices, including Apple and Samsung phones.

Cord-winders, Cables, & Ends

Finally, cord-winders and cables are another great solution to pair with dummy security cameras. Mechanical cord-winders are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, strength, lengths, colors, and configurations – for a wide variety of applications.

Sennco Security Solutions

At Sennco Solutions, our priority is to provide retail security solutions for any application. We are passionate about securing your merchandise in a way that increases profit, providing solutions that satisfy requirements and exceeds expectations. Once we deliver a solution, we are readily available to assist you with any questions – from installation to technical support.

If you have any initial questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out at 866-736-6261 or via our online contact form!