High-security systems are no longer an option for today’s industries, they have become a necessity. With theft becoming an increasingly serious issue, retailers among a spectrum of industries must pursue the best security solutions for their specific applications. Tech retailers should be acutely prepared. Electronics are both expensive and frequently targeted for theft. Furthermore, the integration of sleek security solutions allows for enhanced customer experiences. With these facts in mind, consider three benefits of high-security systems for tech retailers.

  1. Prevent Organized Retail Crime (ORC)

According to a mid-year report, ORC is up 10% over 2018. The average dollar amount of each ORC case is over $120,000, a 42% increase from last year. In total, the retail industry loses approximately $30 billion annually. Perhaps the most striking insight for tech retailers, however, is this: electronics are the most targeted ORC merchandise. In a world of progressively prevalent theft, high-security systems are ever more crucial.

  1. Increase Consumer Interaction

The common assumption that high-security systems negatively impact consumer experience is far from the truth. The misconception lies in a construed mental picture of a clunky security mechanism strangling the life out of an electronic device. Great systems are sleek and efficiently secure, enhancing customer experience by enhancing interaction abilities. For example, if an iPad is totally secure within an integrated protection system, customers are free to experiment with the product. If fear of ORC exists, customer’s interaction will be severely hampered.

  1. Increase Business Profit

Of course, proactive ORC prevention results in business profit. Businesses will save – and thus earn – hundreds of thousands of dollars in return. Integrating breakthrough technology, such as wireless systems, into displays will actually increase profit margin via time and data stamped analytics showing daily interactions, ultimately providing insight into an optimized retail strategy.

The Best High-Security Systems

Mechanical Solutions

Sennco Solutions provides a collection of heavy duty lockdown security systems, built for uniform displays among a diversity of electronic devices. The HD Lockdown Phone, Tablet, Rotatable, and Wearables solutions were designed to seamlessly pair high-security measures and incredible consumer interaction.

The HD Lockdown Phone Solution is sleek and sturdy, adjustable to protect most cellular devices, including Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG technology. The structure of the Phone Solution is ideal for new sales, simple for switching phones. Finally, this security system is built with a keyless locking design and crafted with modular brackets.

Similar to the Phone Solution, the HD Lockdown Tablet Solution is both sleek and sturdy, easily adjustable to fit current tablet models. The Tablet Solution provides excellent customer interaction with the most popular devices.

The HD Lockdown Rotatable is fairly self-explanatory… it rotates! The unique configuration of this high-security solution is excellent for interactive demonstrations that benefit from landscape and portrait displays without losing any security strength.

The HD Lockdown for Wearables is excellent for incorporating trendy wearables in live displays. As all HD lockdowns, the Wearable display is protected by hardened steel. Currently, the Lockdown for Wearables fits Apple Watch Series 3 and 4, and Samsung Galaxy Active. Pair the HD Lockdown with BriTECH for a product that’s nearly unbeatable.

Sennco Solutions

Sennco Solutions desires to provide custom security systems for specific applications. If you’re a tech retailer in need of high-security systems or another member of the retail industry in need of a unique display, we are your ideal security provider. We are dedicated to top-notch security while increasing profit. To start a conversation, contact us today!