2019 has ushered in some of the most anticipated, impressive smartphone releases yet. Apple, Samsung, and Google are the topic of conversation – or heated debate – for technology enthusiasts and dedicated phone owners alike. A less common subject of discussion, however, is new technology’s impact on retailers. In the content below, we offer a brief snapshot of the newest 2019 phone releases then answer a simple question: what do the new releases mean for retailers?

2019 Phone Releases

iPhone 11

According to a variety of phone reviewers, the iPhone 11 differs in three primary ways from the XR. The battery life, camera, and processor received a significant update in Apple’s newest release. From the front, the XR and 11 are identical. However, the iPhone 11 is more resilient, both from water damage and general wear-and-tear.

The iPhone XR boasts an incredible battery life; the 11 boasts an even greater one – by at least one hour. Smartphone users accustomed to handling a slim phone, however, will be caught off guard. The iPhone 11 has a thick body, a necessary structural component to greater battery life. The iPhone 11 Pro has the best battery life.

Besides the obvious addition of a second lens (ultra-wide f/2.4 camera), Apple improved the main f/1.87 camera’s sensor and the entire front camera. The smart HDR system was upgraded. All three Apple cameras film in 4K60.

iOS 13, though somewhat buggy on the iPhone 11, is clean and simple with a dark mode and redesigned reminders. As iOS 13 continues to be updated, however, Apple will most certainly smooth out any existing flaws.

Finally, the iPhone 11 can be purchased as a Pro or Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Tech enthusiasts who prefer Samsung were gifted with the Galaxy S10 in 2019. The visually defining factor of the S10 is the edge-to-edge screen, seemingly endless, stretched around the sides. The screen is aptly named “Infinity-O.” In the realm of mainstream security, Samsung has integrated an in-screen fingerprint sensor into the S10, moving away from a sensor on the back of the phone.

The Galaxy S10 boasts a triple-lens rear camera. Each lens portrays a unique feature: normal, telephoto, and ultra-wide photos. The Wireless PowerShare feature allows for shared charging among compatible phones.

Google Pixel 4

Historically known for their excellent cameras, Google’s Pixel 4 can be commended for a great deal more than a lens. The Pixel 4 is equipped with a Face Unlock system and 90-Hz display. The display is smooth and stunning.

For new phone enthusiasts who love simplicity in design and a compact handset, the Pixel 4 is a great option. Its design is unique, strange, different from the two phones mentioned above. But the phone stands out in this way and is the top choice for many consumers looking to upgrade.

The three phones explored above are only a small selection of the revolutionary devices launched in 2019 – and the next, most innovative piece of technology is likely in the works for 2020 and beyond. What does smartphone innovation have to do with retailers? How do new releases impact retailers?

The Newest Phone Releases Are Expensive Merchandise

Smartphones are not inexpensive. The newest models are even more so. For reference, the iPhone 11 costs between roughly $700 and $1,300, depending on model and storage space. The iPhone 11 is not alone. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 starts at about $900, and the Google Pixel 4 costs about the same. The newest technology is an investment for consumers and an investment for retailers. Especially with the ever pertinent rise in retail theft, the newest phone releases are costly for retailers as well.

On the other hand, the newest phones are an important addition to a tech retailer’s inventory. Thus, protection is a crucial consideration. What do the new releases mean for retailers? It is more important than ever to ensure proper security solutions for merchandise.

The Best Retail Security Solution

The best phones require the tightest security. However, tight security should not compromise incredible customer experience. At Sennco Solutions, we provide a variety of security options that balance both necessities: top-notch security and user experience.

Wireless Security Systems

Genesis Wireless is the future of wireless retail display security. Excellence for experience-oriented retail environments, the Genesis Wireless system allows for complete user testing. For example, a customer can hold the product, walk to another display and compare it to a competitive model, etc. With Genesis Data Analytics, retailers collect time and date stamped interaction analytics for more efficient theft prevention and customer experience.

Power & Alarm Solutions

Power & alarm security solutions both charge your technology on display and provide a compact alarm, mounted above or below the display. Alarm only solutions do not provide power; however, they are easy to manage and simple to use. At Sennco, our power & alarm and alarm-only security systems are sleek, cost-effective, and noninvasive.

Mechanical Solutions

Our Heavy Duty Lockdown provides a high level of security – without compromising consumer interaction. We can easily customize our mechanical solutions to meet a specific need. Our sleek, sturdy HD Lockdown Phone Solution is adjustable to protect the most current cellular devices, perfect for retailers carrying the latest 2019 phone releases. Tech retailers often utilize our HD security systems for Apple, Samsung, and Google devices.

For displays featuring tablets and phones, we provide an HD Lockdown Tablet Solution as well. Like its phone counterpart, the HD Tablet Solution provides a sturdy display and impeccable customer experience.

Cordwinders, Cables & Ends

Cordwinders and cables are extremely customizable. These security options can be applied to a variety of tech, including phones, cameras, camcorders, and much more. With a variety of cable thicknesses and colors in a range of sizes, cordwinders, cables & ends can be incredible solutions.

Sennco Solutions

At Sennco, we are dedicated to providing the ideal security solution, one that marries customer experience and high-level security. We would love to provide you with an extraordinary safety solution.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!